Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sao Paulo MTC

Upon arrival that moring after flying all night, we arrived in Sao Paulo. The trees and vegitation were beautiful, such tropical foliage I had never seen before. I was still nervous, not knowing how to talk in Portuguese. I recall while on the plane, the fight attendent asked if we wanted chicken or beef, but it was in Portuguese. I must have looked dumbfounded with my blank response because she laughed and said, "You guys are going to be in trouble." She didn't have to rub it in. But regardless, that's how I felt. At least I got through customes in English and there was a gentleman holding a sign for us missionaries. On the bus and to the MTC we went. Our month there was an all new experience for me. The food was so different. No large breakfasts like I was use to. Mostly beans and rice for lunch and dinner. Weird salads, but delicious tropical fruit drinks. (Now I miss those exotic foods.) The letters we were given to write home were also new. It looked like a large postcard that you write in, then fold it in half and glue the edges. We did get the chance to unite ourselves with our fellow brazilian bretheren. Most were really good to help us learn the language. We pick up on a game from one of our Provo MTC instructors, and my group of missionaries that I arrived with had the whole Sao Paulo MTC playing it. After our month of courses and what not, it was time to send us to the field. Fortaleza, here we come.


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