Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Elder Rinaldo Oliveira

I eventually ran into my companion and trainer, Elder Oliveira. As soon as he saw me he gave me a big hug. I thought that it was neat that made an effort to give a warm welcome to a stranger. He later told me that when he was at the Mission Office, he ran into a missionary named Elder Domingues. He thought that's who he was suppose to train and gave him a big hug. Elder Domingues said that his trainer was suppose to be someone else. Confused he went back to the assistants and asked who he was suppose to train. They showed him it was Elder Deming. I had a good laugh about that. At the bus stop to go to our area, many of the missionaries were also gathered there. There was one bus that many of them had to take and they loaded all of their luggage onto it. It got so full it started to leave, and stop, leave, and stop. My buddy Elder Hellstrom almost got left behind. Elder Oliveira and I bust up laughing as he yelled, "Companheiro!" which means companion. We caught our bus and headed to the area. Apparently we got off at the wrong stop and walked all over the place before finding our apartment building. Elder Oliveira was new to the area so he got lost. I must have lost 5 pounds that night lugging my luggage around. Sweat was dripping from my face like a water fall. We finally found our building, up to the forth floor, and collapsed on the bed. Goodnight.


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