Thursday, May 25, 2006


RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!! At 6:30 my alarm went off, for that is when we are suppose to get up as missionaries to start our day. I looked over at Elder Oliveira. He laid as still as a potato bug all rolled up. I thought we might be able to sleep in on P-days, but I wasn't sure. P-days are our Preparation days when we do our shopping, laundry, write letters, whatever. I laid back down and 30 minutes later I shot up in bed thinking I overslept. But Elder Oliveira still lied so soundly. I got up any way to start my day and unpack. Later, a lady that lived above us named Dona Maria. I couldn't understand much, but I did understand it when she said I couldn't understand anything. That made me a little indignant because I understood that! Oh well, I'm sure I'd get more of it. Some other Elders visited us. One Elder Oliveira's friend, and the other a new American like myself. He really felt for me and wish he could help the culture shock I was going through. Good man, Elder Wagstaff. We went shopping and I didn't know what to buy. Everything was so new. So I bought almost the same things Elder Oliveira bought. Silly me. The end of the day we went to an intergration with the ward members. I was excited...and nervous. It was fun to get a warm welcome from them too. The next two months would be for my learning in an area called Monte Castelo, or Castle Mountain.


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