Friday, May 26, 2006

Fortaleza's Coast

From here on out I may not stay very chronological in my story telling. I had nine areas and many companions along the way, so when I begin a story, I'll state what area the occurance took place and with what companion.
The beaches in Fortaleza are some of the most beautiful. I was told it was in the top 10 amongst the world's beaches. Some of their litoral is covered by sand dunes. We had a blast jumping of the dunes and landing in the soft dune slopes on our other P-days. I once launched off one dune like superman. Not having my center of gravity positioned correctly, I went topside down and landed face first in to the dune. I tried to stop my self with my arms but they just sunk in to the lightly wind blown dune. We would also play soccer, the most popular sport in all Brazil. The Brazilians were skilled, but us Americans were aggressive. Another sport, not popular, but accessable is sand boarding. Much like snow boarding but on the sand. The worst part of all the fun was going home and the sunburn when I forgot my sunscreen.


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