Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Little American Help

In my first area I felt so helpless at times. It definitely takes a while to learn thousands of words and conjugate them correctly. Many things said to me was just jiberish. But there was a time when I pulled my weight. There was a particular time when my trainer, Elder Oliveira was struggling. You could see it on his face. He tried to contact our mission president but he was in the other state that was in our mission for conferences. Elder Oliveira finally said to me that he needed to tell me his problems. So we proceeded to the church to sit down and rest. He went on and I will not reitterate what he said to maintain his own privacy. In the end, as best as I could due to my language barrier, gave him my council to what he should do. He told me that was like a ton of brick being relieved from his shoulders. He was glad I didn't make judgments against him. He said something to me I'll never forget. It was as clear to me as if he was speaking English. He said that I wasn't like many Americans, that I seemed almost Brazilian to him. That has been one of the greatest compliments I've ever recieved. Not that the Brazilian race is most superior, but that I could relate to another man as if we had been brother before. He is a great man and a great missionary.


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