Friday, June 09, 2006

Dangerous Times, But Good Memories

Some places in Brazil are not the safest place to be. There are numerous accounts of missionaries being robbed but gun or knife point. Some missionaries around the would have died due to some of these causes, and none of us were exempt from others agency. There was a time in my fourth area, Palmeiras, that we had our nerves racked. There is a season of rain down there and some times it comes down hard, even takes out the power. We were walking home one night when the power went out (it not being the first time), but in the area we were in, it spooked us a bit to be in the dark at night. The other two missionaries that lived with us had been robbed a couple times before. All of us got robbed once from our house while we were out. Someone had broken into our side door, went into our rooms, sifted through our luggage and left the place a bit of a mess. Not much was stolen; whatever money they could find or other things that were of worth that they could sell. I found it a tad hilarious because I'd never been robbed on the mission. One of the other Elders was nervous all night. I think we all were when we were sleeping. Just the slightest noise would make us jump. Dangerous times but good memories.


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