Monday, June 12, 2006

I Wouldn't Want His Job!

Speaking of dangerous times and places, I am reminded of an incident that happened to one of the members of the church while I was in my 5th area, Conjunto Ceara. Irmao Santos was a big strong guy that worked with one of those armoured car transports. One day he was doing his normal pick-ups at a Pague Menos (Pay Less) drug store. Suddenly a group of men aproached and he sees one of them stick a gun in the back of his partner. He quickly reaches for his gun at his side and feels a gun put to the back of his head. Slowly he drops down while the bandits steal thousands of dollars in Brazilian money. They took one of his coworkers hostage as they took off, shooting off their guns in the mall. After they got some distance in the back of a truck, they threw their hostage over on the side of the highway as they maintain their speed. I believe he was okay, but that's quite the situation that I would not want to be put in. When his wife saw it on the news and saw his truck, or the truck pickup he works for, she freaked out. I'm sure most people would. I guess he has one more exciting story to tell his children.


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