Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Zona Ceara

One of my favorite areas and zones was Zona Ceara in Conjunto Ceara, my 5th area. I must say that we were a great group of guys but I feel that we had an excellent leader. His name was Elder Toone. He was one of those missionaries that was very obedient but he could still have a good time. He had a great sense of humor and he really pulled our zone together. On one occasion we had some t-shirts made for our zone. We got in a friendly competition with another zone playing soccer. Our t-shirt had a picture of a missionary kicking a soccer ball, our names on the top of the back, our number, and our nickname at the bottom. Mine was "lixo branco" which means white trash. I don't think that slang made sense to the brazilians. We had a good ol' time. Another time we had hats made for us. In our zone conferences we would have a friendly game of a scripture search. As soon as our assistant to the president said, "Busca de escrituras" we threw on our hats and were ready to rumble. We had been practicing all month. Everyone started looking at us in amusement, even our president and his wife. Of course our whole zone made it to the finals, Elder Stubbs and I in 3rd place. What a great zone it was!


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