Friday, June 16, 2006

Eduardo & Renata

When I was in Conjunto Ceara, my 5th area, I was introduce to a friend of a member of the church. His name is Eduardo. He said he was interested in learning more about the gospel and so my missionary companion and I taught him. He was eventually baptized into the church. His siter, Renata, was also interested. We proceeded to teach her as well and she was also baptized. They had a good time listening to me teach because I had a habit of saying, "certo" meaning "certain" or "alright" after almost every sentance. I also did it while I was speaking in church. They became very good friends of mine. Eduardo would visit me sometimes in my other areas where I was serving. It was good to see him after having been transfered. He also saw me off at the airport when I flew home after my two years of service. I shame myself to have not kept in touch as well as I should. I recieve recent news from him that he is doing well and has been called to serve a mission in Londrina, SP, Brazil. His sister has gone in and out of activity, but is now back and firm in the church. These two souls have brought me great joy in my life.


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