Thursday, June 15, 2006

With Great Pride and Prejudice

So many of the Brazilians I met were very kind and receptive to our messege of the gospel even though they didn't believe it. I have made some everlasting friendships with them even though we don't stay in touch to often. I felt sorry for them that they had to live in a third world country when I came from a first world, so to speak. But I was surprised to see their great pride for their country. Many would disagree with the Americans to which national anthem was better, Brazil's or the United States'. The Brazilian clearly thought theirs was better. It is more of a march-type of anthem. I thought that was silly because the United States anthem has a lot of emotion behind it. Naturally I'm biased to my own nationality, but as I step back and observe their love for their country, no matter what world it is, it is thier passion for it that makes the anthem beautiful and not necessarily the music itself.


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